Sutch and Searle Shipping (Heathrow) Ltd

Air Freight

Sutch and Searle Shipping (Heathrow) operates an unbeatable, fast and competitive air freight division, offering spot rates to all destinations.

As technology grows, Sutch and Searle has grown with it, running a state of the art computer system. We have the ability to track all flights worldwide. We also have a direct link with Customs, enabling a fast and effective Customs Clearance.

Our senior members who are operating in this division are all fully 'Hazardous Trained', enabling us to carry all hazardous cargo. Our Air freight Division are contactable 24/7, offering out of hours contact details. This enables us to handle Urgent time sensitive cargo. We also have a division who are dedicated to moving spare parts for on Ground air crafts and Vessels.

With agents in over 92 countries, this air freight service is also equipped for a 'door to door' service.

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